This is a good news for old car collector. This one might be a high recommendation and satisfication for old stuff lovers to own this car. In 60’s era, there was a popular car from a well-known company, Aston Martin The success of DB 4 led Aston Martin to launch the new series, Aston Martin DB5 which became more popular since its first emergence. It looks so luxurious with silver metallic colour. This car which was first introduced in 1963 is the extended version of Aston Martin DB4 that was best seller car. This luxurious car gets more expensive price now since it was rarely found.

Hyundai, the car brand from Korea will soon release the its new generation of older car, it is named 2015 Hyundai Genesis. This awesome car is interesting, because this Hyundai Genesis will set out the combination of design and performance. The design of this car is absolutely awesome and real amazing. The great performance of Hyundai Genesis caused by the better material that used in making this car. The turbo engine and transmission of this car cannot be denied, Awesome! You don’t need think twice to choose other good car, you just need to set your eyes on this awesome car, Hyundai Genesis.